Modifying Expectations

3 minute read

Modifying Expectations Here, I’ll talk a little about how I have been accomplishing my project timeline. When we started the internship, the first requirement was to define a timeline for the project you were selected. This has to be discussed with your mentors, and if you do not have idea how it should be structured, it does not matter. They will help you and if something has to be changed (most likely to change) in the course, that is totally Okay.

Outreachy experience: Thoughts for future interns.

5 minute read

I am working on enhancing the Kubernetes developer guide as an Outreachy intern, which consists of creating a guide that can be easily found, and logically organized. It is aimed at code contributors that want to improve the kubernetes functionality or fix bugs. One of the main goals is that new and existing contributors can have a good grasp of the whole course of making changes or improvements to the code after reading the guide. Also, it is considered a source of truth for certain development docs and processes so that folks are reading them recurrently.